Problemet med AI-kunst

Yellow tent under a night sky with thousands of stars

Kunstig intelligens har revolusjonert den digitale verden, og nå er det mange kunstnere som spør seg om de blir et offer for denne revolusjonen. Men kan AI-generert kunst virkelig erstatte dagens kunstnere?  I 2022 vant spillutvikler Jason Allen førsteplassen i en kunstkonkurranse ved Colorado State Fair, med et AI-generert verk: Théâtre D’Opéra Spatial av Jason […]

Digital theft

Internet crime hacker. The hacker's hand appears from a mobile phone to steal a dollar.

Have you been a victim of digital theft, or are you afraid that someone is going to steal your digital works? You have every reason to get frayed nerves, since theft of content online has evolved into a million-dollar industry.


Cliff with city and ocean with the title lucid - a game about dreams

Artess brings you updates on art and culture, and now I have exciting things to say: we have several creative game developers in Norway such as Ravn Studio which makes Captain Sabertooth games for children, and Funcom which is behind Dreamfall, Age of Conan, Secret World and others. Now there is a new player who consists of the inventive souls behind the Hidden concept, and they have created a game that deals with a dreamy life in northern Norway.