Kan jeg bli kunstner?

Paint brush with tubes of oil paint

Vebjørn Sand sa det best: «Bli kunstner om du ikke kan la være.» En kreativ kunstnersjel slutter sjelden å skape, men det er ikke like enkelt å gjøre det om til et levebrød. Hva bør du derfor tenke på dersom du ønsker å bli en profesjonell billedkunstner?  forventninger Forskjellen på amatør og profesjonell er om du […]


pocket watch in sand

Do you tend to postpone large tasks? Is there a project you know you need to get started on, but never seem to get going? Do you lack motivation to complete projects? You are likely struggling with procrastination, which can easily be translated into one word: later.

Artistic hypocracy

Most artists are familiar with receiving little to no payment for their services. And while there are, of course, several complicated reasons for this, what happens when you are deprived of reasonable payment from people who claim they want to help artists?

Ouroboros - a concept

Two golden snakes mirroring each other eating its own tails

As an artist, it can take several years to develop a unique style that defines you. The little "je ne sais pas" that puts the dot above the i. How to achieve this requires perseverance, practice and above all else: patience. In my world, Ouroboros became my symbol, influencing everything from style to work processes and personal development.

Digital theft

Internet crime hacker. The hacker's hand appears from a mobile phone to steal a dollar.

Have you been a victim of digital theft, or are you afraid that someone is going to steal your digital works? You have every reason to get frayed nerves, since theft of content online has evolved into a million-dollar industry.

A sea of galleries


There are thousands of galleries to choose from when having an exhibition. Some you really want to avoid, while others are so popular that there is a greater chance of winning the lottery than getting in. Vanity galleries, group exhibitions, vernissage… what does all this really mean, and why is it so important to know the difference?

Pricing your images

Stand with paintings of palmtrees

The world's most expensive painting is Salvator Mundi made by Leonardo da Vinci, which sold for $ 450.3 million at auction. When paintings are sold in this price range, it is no longer just about art, but investments. And in this case: the preservation of irreplaceable art objects.

Moral attitude in culture

Colourful hands reaching behind barbed wire

The Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO) is in bad weather after activists studying at the school have attacked the development of a moral identity policy that threatens academic freedom. Frustrated gallery owners have to deal with hypersensitive artists who cannot stand to be rejected, and several Facebook groups are now closed for constructive criticism. What's really going on with our fine artist community these days?

The art expressions nobody gets

Tiny cardboard person looking up at a rainy sky

Plein Air, varnishing and autodidact; it sounds like you are being verbally abused by a Frenchman. The terms are mainly used by us who work in creative professions, to avoid the hassle of explanations. But in certain cases, some like to assert that they can talk complicated about things to seem more important. Let's just pop that bubble, shall we?


Cliff with city and ocean with the title lucid - a game about dreams

Artess brings you updates on art and culture, and now I have exciting things to say: we have several creative game developers in Norway such as Ravn Studio which makes Captain Sabertooth games for children, and Funcom which is behind Dreamfall, Age of Conan, Secret World and others. Now there is a new player who consists of the inventive souls behind the Hidden concept, and they have created a game that deals with a dreamy life in northern Norway.