Moral attitude in culture

Colourful hands reaching behind barbed wire

The Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO) is in bad weather after activists studying at the school have attacked the development of a moral identity policy that threatens academic freedom. Frustrated gallery owners have to deal with hypersensitive artists who cannot stand to be rejected, and several Facebook groups are now closed for constructive criticism. What's really going on with our fine artist community these days?

The art expressions nobody gets

Tiny cardboard person looking up at a rainy sky

Plein Air, varnishing and autodidact; it sounds like you are being verbally abused by a Frenchman. The terms are mainly used by us who work in creative professions, to avoid the hassle of explanations. But in certain cases, some like to assert that they can talk complicated about things to seem more important. Let's just pop that bubble, shall we?


Cliff with city and ocean with the title lucid - a game about dreams

Artess brings you updates on art and culture, and now I have exciting things to say: we have several creative game developers in Norway such as Ravn Studio which makes Captain Sabertooth games for children, and Funcom which is behind Dreamfall, Age of Conan, Secret World and others. Now there is a new player who consists of the inventive souls behind the Hidden concept, and they have created a game that deals with a dreamy life in northern Norway.

Hidden & Artess

Painting of Sunndalsfjella

If you were one of those people who trudged through the bushes in search of little Pokémon characters with your cell phone, you will probably recognize this not-so-new concept: HIDDEN is a platform for those who love stories, myths and culture. Together with creative people, HIDDEN gives you the opportunity to experience this via digital virtual content.